Pụtara Nke "Vusi Mahlasela - River Jordan"

Ịghọta "Vusi Mahlasela - River Jordan".

"Vusi Mahlasela - River Jordan" na-bụ egwu.
Asụsụ ahụ nke egwu ahụ na-bụ Bekee.


Nne ya na-anwụ.
Ọnwụ ahụ nke nne ya na-gosi ebumnuche ahụ nke ndụ.
Vusi Mahlasela na-nwere ekele.

Ụmụ Okwu

Mother mother
I saw you across the river Jordan
Mother mamma waam
I've been listening to you
So close and yet so far away

I've never stopped hearing your words
Since that Easter morning
It is now in very clear
That the meaning of your last wish for me
Revealed my destiny

Mother mother
I saw you cross the River Jordan
With the most positive courage
When they washed your feet
Your last communion I was there
You fell down among us with a smile
And lay looking up
With the look of another world

You departed surrounded by the singing
And the praises of the hallelujah
Some envied your departure
Some came to offer what ever little
Comfort they could give

© Vusi Mahlasela

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